Lean and Muscular now offers a unique solution to helping you achieve your fitness and physique goals.


Are you tired of getting nowhere?


I've been there too - Just spinning your wheels and going through the motions. Results are needed to keep you motivated and keep you going.

That time of not getting results and wondering, "why am I doing this, why do I even bother" are over.

With a customized program and continued email support and tracking of your progress - you can get the body of your dreams.....(for less than a quarter of the price of what an in-person trainer would charge.)

But be careful what you ask for, because you might just get it, and getting it could mean a new wardrobe, more energy, more strength, a six pack, a bikini body and the opposite sex (or same), giving you just that little bit more attention.

What you'll get, is not just some generic program that you could get from any fitness magazine - you will get one customized to you, designed specifically for your goals, and tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, what you like and don't like.

You'll also get to live a little.


There's no point in making your life miserable, no one sticks to anything very long if they are miserable. I will teach you how to cheat - techiques that can actually make your cheat meals "not count", there are even ways to make them enhance your metabolism - if the right training at the right time is applied.


After a very thorough and detailed initial assessment, you'll get a training program and nutrition guidelines. Each month thereafter you'll get a training program based on how you performed the month before, taking into account your progress and what worked and didn't. You'll also have constant support, monitoring, tracking and motivation the whole way........UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR GOALS.


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