How to get washboard abs 

One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked as a personal trainer is how to get washboard abs? Well, the answer is quite simple really, build up your abdominal muscles and then reduce your bodyfat to the point that you’re able to see these newly-built abdominal muscles.

Whilst this sounds simple enough, in practice it’s a whole different story. The above answer to the age-old question of how to get washboard abs, is only the starting point really, what we need to know is HOW to do this?

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You see, our body does not want to tap into its fat stores, it wants to hold on to them as a means of survival during times of famine. The leaner you get, the more dramatic this effect becomes , as your body clings to those last fat stores.

But washboard abs are within your reach, and getting them might be easier than you think if you just go about it in a smart way.

So how do we go about it?

As I’ve always said, there is no substitute for a properly designed, customized and supervised training program – that will always bring the best results. But, the reality is having your own trainer doesn’t  come cheap and sometimes its just not practical to have a trainer due to your location, schedule etc.

In these cases, the next best thing is getting your hands on a good, step-by-step program created by someone who knows their stuff. One such person is Mike Chang, a fellow personal trainer who created the enormously successful six pack shortcuts program.

I came across some of his videos on YouTube and I must say he really does walk the walk and talk the talk, he’s the real deal. His six pack shortcuts program last 12 weeks and is divided into 4 phases.

The first two phases take eight weeks and the last two take four weeks to complete, with each phase building on the previous one. You start small and gradually increase the intensity.  

He also includes a detailed dietary and lifestyle change plan, and what I like about it, is that all the changes are introduced gradually, in a step-by-step manner to help you adjust to them, this way they don’t seem too drastic or overwhelming.

Another great thing about it, is that all the material is delivered in the form of simple videos, containing just what you need to know. No unnecessary fluff and bs like with so many other programs.

One last thing, which I almost always forgot to mention, but which really is another awesome feature, is that he offers unlimited email support to those who purchase his program. It's just like having your own trainer.

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