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How to get an 8 pack 

Sometimes you’ll hear stories or boasting from certain individuals about the illustrious 8-pack (as if having a 6-pack isn’t enough). In fact, some clients have even asked me how to get an 8 pack, long before they’ve even got a six pack.

To be honest, I do not have an 8 pack, and have no desire to get one (a six pack is enough) so maybe I am not the best person to offer advice on this matter. What I do know though, is that getting an 8 pack is largely dependent on your genetics. Let me explain:

In the picture to the right, you will see the two long strips of muscle running down the front of the mid-section, these are known as the rectus abdominus muscles.

If you look at each strip, you’ll see a horizontal white line running across them. That is connective tissue, it is below the level of the muscle, so by building up the muscle, you effectively form a  ‘ridge'. 

A ‘valley’  is formed by the connective tissue being below the level of the muscle. These ‘ridges’ and ‘valleys’ are what give you the visible 'blocks’in your 6 pack. 

How to get an 8 pack

The problem with getting an 8 pack for so many, is that the last band of connective tissue at the bottom is often on the same level as the muscle, so essentially you will be unable to form the  ‘ridge’ and ‘valley’, its just flat, and there’s not much you can do about it.

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Some will be lucky and have this last band of connective tissue below the muscle and an 8 pack should then, at least in theory, be possible for them. The same principles for getting a 6 pack would still apply to getting an 8 pack though. You’d just have to get your body fat down that much lower to see the final two ‘ridges’ of muscle.

In my opinion, even if you are genetically capable of getting an 8 pack, you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it, as a 6 pack is plenty impressive enough to 99.99% of people on the planet, and there’s more to life than being super lean (unless you make your living from it.)

Fair enough, but how do I go about getting a 6 pack?

There is no real substitute to a properly designed, customized and supervised training program – that will always bring you the best results. But, the reality is, trainer’s don’t come cheap and sometimes it’s just not practical to have one due to your location, schedule etc.

In these cases I would recommend getting your hands on a good, step-by-step program created by someone who knows their stuff.

One such person is Mike Chang, a fellow personal trainer who has created the enormously successful six pack shortcuts program.

Six pack shortcuts is built on the premise of utilizing the ‘afterburn’ principle, whereby the calories burned in the 48 hours FOLLOWING your workout are more important than those burned DURING your workout. 

Its all about the metabolic effect following your workout, not just the calories burned during your workout. This is achieved through high intensity cardio and weight .

The six pack shortcuts program is delivered as entertaining and informative videos. They’re to the point, and give you exactly what you need. No unnecessary fluff and bs.

What’s also pretty cool about the program is that Mike gives unlimited e-mail support to those who purchase the program, so its just like having your own trainer.

To take a better look at this amazing program Mike has to offer, click on the image below:        

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