A big reservation I always had about doing endurance events was that I would end up losing all of the muscle I had developed over years of training.

I have always been intrigued by great feats of endurance and the human spirit, and often many of these feats are only achieved by doing extreme endurance events. Unfortunately, your usual 4x per week intense weight session with some HIIT, although highly effective for metabolic conditioning and fat-loss, doesn't exactly give you the kind of 'spiritual experience' that some extreme endurance events do.

Eventually I let go of the fact that I might end up losing muscle - you can always build muscle again, but you may not always have the opportunity to do an event that will change your life.

I have been doing primarily endurance training since August 2013 in preparation for the Ironman, but I haven't forsaken my strength training roots completely, and I will return to them with full fervour in April once I am done with the Ironman. In fact, I can't wait!

But, truth be told, I actually haven't lost all that much muscle. Up until December, I was still doing big compound lifts, and getting stronger on them, my numbers were at their all time best for deadlifts and bench-presses.

As the Ironman training has been ramped up significantly since the beginning of the year, I have not been able to fit in these extra strength training sessions focusing mainly on the big compound lifts. I have had to go back to the ultimate in bare-bones simplicity -bodyweight training.

At least twice a week, I still do a good, hard push up workout, and fit in lots of chins and pull ups, in addition to lots of ab and core work. The beauty of it, is that I can do it at any odd hour whenever I am at home and have a moment, If you truly want to fit in a quick workout, you can if you have the know-how. You do not need a gym.

I think these calisthenics workouts have helped me maintain a lot of my muscle, and my fear of losing it all is really proving to have been unreasonable. I have maybe lost a total of 6lbs compared since I started, and much of it has likely been fat, as I am now more ripped than I was going into this.

So for guys who are also afraid of losing their hard-fought muscular gains by trying out for some endurance events - let it go, you wont lose much if you know what you are doing, and its better to be a well rounded individual, not stuck in only one fitness camp.

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