I've been a bit lazy since adding this blog. My aim was to document my Ironman journey and other training misadventures.
Fortunately I haven't been that lazy with my training.

I am following a plan I got from the Triradar.com website, http://mos.triradar.com/Training_Plans/12_Week_Ironman_Programme.pdf

I am trying to do a combination of the 'Time Rich' and 'time poor' plans. A few guys I have shown the program to think its perhaps a little light on the training, but the be honest, its about as much as I can handle, while still trying to keep a job and relationships in tact.

In December I did a 'mock half-Ironman' on substantially less training than the first few weeks in this program, and I managed that fairly well, although the run was not particularly pleasant, but I was still able to run the whole way and didn't do any walking which I think is not too bad.

I guess everyone is different, but I think I have a pretty good general fitness and athletic base, so I am confident that this 'lighter' program will work for me. At the end of the day, I am just looking to finish in good shape and with lots of time to spare before the 17 hour cut-off.

Right now, I am in week 5, just coming off the recovery week. I gave myself a 2 week head start, just to give myself a bit of a buffer in case anything de-railed my training, plus I am also doing another Half-Iron distance race, so I need a little extra time to allow for that and recovery etc etc.

To be honest, I actually found the recovery week, harder than the weeks where I am training hard. You feel like you need to be training and that the whole time you are losing fitness and gaining weight etc etc.

Anyway, here's to attempt number 2 at keeping up with documenting my training and telling the story on my road to the Ironman.