Part of every Ironman training program is the weekly long run. Often these are reserved for weekends, but in my case they fall on a Thursday.

Depending on the program you are following and your goals, your long run could range anywhere from 2-4 hours. That is a fairly substantial workout to try and fit in each week, in addition to all the other training. Doing these on the weekends affords most people working regular jobs a little more time, but because I do most of my cycling on the weekends, I have to get my long run in in the week.

What I normally do on a Thursday is run home from work. Traffic in Johannesburg is so bad, that it will basically take me the same time to run the 12km home, that it will to drive it.

So, yesterday, I left my car at work, strapped my hydration belt on and trotted off home. The 12km took me about 1hr10 min. Fairly slow I know, but the last 7 km are uphill, its never a pleasant run. To extend the run, I hd a quick drink of water at home, and then did another 10km or so. This gave me a total run time of just over 2 hours. I am hoping to push it up to about 3 hours/30km in the last few weeks before Ironman.

That is as much as I think I can handle, as I feel if there is any extra time available, I would rather put it into my cycling, because the ride is what will make or break the day in my opinion..