At the end of July I signed up for my first Ironman. For those who have been following my site and articles for a while, you might think this a rather strange, as I have always very much been an advocate of weight training and short, high intensity workouts, and not a fan of endurance training.

But, truth be told, one needs to find a reason for why you are always working so hard - just working out to look good and be healthy as your sole motivators can get a little boring after a while. I’ve been at this a long time, and needed to find some new motivation, and also needed some kind of competitive outlet (even though I am only competing against myself), the kind of outlet that regular working out for the sake of working out doesn’t any more when you have been at it long enough.

One of my biggest concerns when having to switch my training to primarily endurance training is the fear that I will lose all of my muscles that I worked so hard to build, this has been a major thing I have had to overcome in my mind.

The funny thing is though, is that I actually haven’t lost that much muscle mass yet – I still do my big compound lifts, and do them heavy, and I have actually found that my strength on these has improved. I also look a lot more cut than I used to be, because of my now massive energy expenditure.