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Prestige Ultra Triathlon

Posted by Bryan Hamann on Thursday, February 20, 2014,
So this past weekend, I did my first "official" half-Ironman distance event. The Prestige Ultra.

It was a great race, I had no issues with any of the events. The swim was good, except for swimming directly into the sun and not being able to see where I was going. The cycle went well too, despite a few bike issues - a flat tyre and then after changing the tube, it went flat 3 more times. Yet, I still finished the 90km cycle in 2hr50. It was a nice flat course and I was able to spend most of the...
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An easier week

Posted by Bryan Hamann on Wednesday, February 12, 2014,
This Sunday, I will be doing a half-Ironman. It's not an official one with the Ironman trademark and all that, it's a locally organised half-Iron distance event, called the Prestige Ultra Triathlon.

It will be my longest race thus far, except for the "mock Half-Ironman" I did in December.

I expect this to go a lot better as I am in a lot better shape now and my training has been substantially more.

I am backing my training off a little this week, so that I am not too exhausted when I have to be ...
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Training in full swing

Posted by Bryan Hamann on Monday, January 27, 2014,
I've been a bit lazy since adding this blog. My aim was to document my Ironman journey and other training misadventures.
Fortunately I haven't been that lazy with my training.

I am following a plan I got from the website,

I am trying to do a combination of the 'Time Rich' and 'time poor' plans. A few guys I have shown the program to think its perhaps a little light on the training, but the be honest, its about as m...
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