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An easier week

Posted by Bryan Hamann on Wednesday, February 12, 2014,
This Sunday, I will be doing a half-Ironman. It's not an official one with the Ironman trademark and all that, it's a locally organised half-Iron distance event, called the Prestige Ultra Triathlon.

It will be my longest race thus far, except for the "mock Half-Ironman" I did in December.

I expect this to go a lot better as I am in a lot better shape now and my training has been substantially more.

I am backing my training off a little this week, so that I am not too exhausted when I have to be ...
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A solid weekend of training

Posted by Bryan Hamann on Monday, February 3, 2014,
One thing you have to make peace with when training for the Ironman, is that your weekends will be devoted to training, well at least for those of us working regular jobs.

Sleeping past 5am on a Saturday morning seems like a distant memory these days and only something that "other people", normal people do.

Saturdays are the days reserved for my long ride. The long ride is probably the most important workout in the whole program. The ride is the biggest part of the whole event - it could take a...
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