So this past weekend, I did my first "official" half-Ironman distance event. The Prestige Ultra.

It was a great race, I had no issues with any of the events. The swim was good, except for swimming directly into the sun and not being able to see where I was going. The cycle went well too, despite a few bike issues - a flat tyre and then after changing the tube, it went flat 3 more times. Yet, I still finished the 90km cycle in 2hr50. It was a nice flat course and I was able to spend most of the ride down in the aero position and could crank out some good speed.

The run was also fantastic, I didn't have much discomfort in my legs at all, coming off the bike and starting the run. I guess my brick sessions are starting to pay off. I felt comfortable the whole time and never walked. I finished the half-marathon in 1hr48.

My final time for the whole event was 5hr33 minutes. I probably lost about 10 minutes or so because of the bike issues.

All in all, it was a great confidence builder for April 6, when I have to do double the distance.

Just 3-4 weeks of big training left and then I start the frustrating taper-period.