If you took a look at the training program I posted the other day (

http://mos.triradar.com/Training_Plans/12_Week_Ironman_Programme.pdf), especially the "time poor" one, anyone who is familiar with the amount of training required for an Ironman, would think its perhaps a little light. This has been my concern too, so I have made a few adjustments.

For example, today I am scheduled to do a 40 minute run in Zone 2. If you are already pretty fit, this really does not feel like all that much. What I have done for the last couple of these runs is to include a few Zone 4 bursts, just to up the intensity a little. Because the volume for this program is quite low, I think that increasing the intensity a little can only help, provided you don't overdo it and give yourself enough time to rest.

I monitor my resting heart rate and really pay attention to how I am feel, and so far there are no signs of over-training, so I think this extra little bit of intensity can only help.

So basically the, modified workout looks like this:

- Run for 20 minutes in Zone 2
-4 minutes in Zone 4
-Recover for 1 minute by Jogging slowly (do not walk) - you heart rate should drop back towards Zone 2
-4 minutes in Zone 4
-Run for 15 minutes in Zone 2

After this I usually do a bit of stretching and try to fir in a little core work and some calisthenics.

For detail on effective heart-rate training and what the different zones are, check out one of my previous articles: