This Sunday, I will be doing a half-Ironman. It's not an official one with the Ironman trademark and all that, it's a locally organised half-Iron distance event, called the Prestige Ultra Triathlon.

It will be my longest race thus far, except for the "mock Half-Ironman" I did in December.

I expect this to go a lot better as I am in a lot better shape now and my training has been substantially more.

I am backing my training off a little this week, so that I am not too exhausted when I have to be on the go for up to 6 hours (hopefully) on Sunday. It's not quite a full taper, I am just shortening my long run to only an hour or maybe an hour 15 minutes. There will also be no long ride. My long ride for the week, will be the 90km in the event, although it's not really a 'long ride' at only 90km.

Next week is supposed to be a recovery week according to my program, but I will only make it a half-recovery week, as this week has also been a bit lighter. I will still squeeze in a long ride, and do some longer swim sessions as these are not too hard on the body. The only major change I will make, is shortening the long run again.

Thereafter, its then the final big push until I have to start tapering properly 3 weeks out from race day.