One thing you have to make peace with when training for the Ironman, is that your weekends will be devoted to training, well at least for those of us working regular jobs.

Sleeping past 5am on a Saturday morning seems like a distant memory these days and only something that "other people", normal people do.

Saturdays are the days reserved for my long ride. The long ride is probably the most important workout in the whole program. The ride is the biggest part of the whole event - it could take anywhere from 6-8 hours (unless you are a pro who will do it in just over 4).

You have to condition your body to be on the bike for that long. You have to figure out your nutrition and fueling strategy, because come race-day, if you dont get it right, it could destroy everything.

You also have to learn to ride at the right intensity, push too hard and you will have nothing left for the run, go too easy and you run the risk of not making the cut-off.

I have been working pretty hard on my long ride over the last month, building from 100km to 140+ km this last weekend. After 142 km in the Cradle of Humankind (in South Africa), a fairly hilly area, I still felt pretty strong. I could have kept going, but I figured I needed to return home to the missus at some point.

My nutrition was working well, and my pace was good. I am going to do my first century ride (100 miles) this coming saturday. If that goes well, then I know I am on track to a good Ironman bike leg (the run is a whole different story though).