Prestige Ultra Triathlon

February 20, 2014
So this past weekend, I did my first "official" half-Ironman distance event. The Prestige Ultra.

It was a great race, I had no issues with any of the events. The swim was good, except for swimming directly into the sun and not being able to see where I was going. The cycle went well too, despite a few bike issues - a flat tyre and then after changing the tube, it went flat 3 more times. Yet, I still finished the 90km cycle in 2hr50. It was a nice flat course and I was able to spend most of the ride down in the aero position and could crank out some good speed.

The run was also fantastic, I didn't have much discomfort in my legs at all, coming off the bike and starting the run. I guess my brick sessions are starting to pay off. I felt comfortable the whole time and never walked. I finished the half-marathon in 1hr48.

My final time for the whole event was 5hr33 minutes. I probably lost about 10 minutes or so because of the bike issues.

All in all, it was a great confidence builder for April 6, when I have to do double the distance.

Just 3-4 weeks of big training left and then I start the frustrating taper-period.

An easier week

February 12, 2014
This Sunday, I will be doing a half-Ironman. It's not an official one with the Ironman trademark and all that, it's a locally organised half-Iron distance event, called the Prestige Ultra Triathlon.

It will be my longest race thus far, except for the "mock Half-Ironman" I did in December.

I expect this to go a lot better as I am in a lot better shape now and my training has been substantially more.

I am backing my training off a little this week, so that I am not too exhausted when I have to be ...
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Fitting it in no matter what

February 7, 2014
One of the big challenges I have at the moment, is that all my focus is on my Ironman training. This means I have very little time to do any resistance training. I have had to get creative. I put a pull-up bar in the doorway that leads from my bedroom to the lounge-kitchen-dining room area.

In the evenings or mornings between cooking or cleaning or doing whatever other things, I'll quickly do 10 pull-ups, then go back to whatever I was doing, then a few minutes later, I'll go and quickly do a...
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Avoid becoming a walking skeleton

February 5, 2014
A big reservation I always had about doing endurance events was that I would end up losing all of the muscle I had developed over years of training.

I have always been intrigued by great feats of endurance and the human spirit, and often many of these feats are only achieved by doing extreme endurance events. Unfortunately, your usual 4x per week intense weight session with some HIIT, although highly effective for metabolic conditioning and fat-loss, doesn't exactly give you the kind of 'spir...
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Making the short workouts more effective

February 4, 2014

If you took a look at the training program I posted the other day (, especially the "time poor" one, anyone who is familiar with the amount of training required for an Ironman, would think its perhaps a little light. This has been my concern too, so I have made a few adjustments.

For example, today I am scheduled to do a 40 minute run in Zone 2. If you are already pretty fit, this really does not feel like all that much. ...

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